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for the assessment of stress intensity and stress compatibility in large groups

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International Congress For the Assessment of Stress Intensity and Stress Compatibility in Large Groups


Thursday, November 25th, 1999

1700 Opening Adress by the Mayor of the Town of Bad Radkersburg, Mr. P. Merlini
17 15 – 18 00 Introductory Lecture:

Some Possibilities for Stress Assessment in Large Groups (sailag) 
(Sepp Porta, Ph.D., Professor of Endocrinology, Head, Institute of Applied Stress Research, Bad Radkersburg, Institute of General and Experimental Pathology, University of Graz, AUSTRIA.)
Co authors: T. Gifford, USAFA, J. Rand, USAFA, D. Westmoreland, USAFA

18 00 Welcome Dinner

Friday, November 26th, 1999

07 00 – 08 00 Breakfast
0800 – 10 00 Session: Theory and Application of SAILAG (Coordination: M.S. Seelig)

Effects of bed rest on sympathoadrenal and hormonal responses to various physiological stimuli.
H. Kaciuba – Uscilko Ph.D., Professor of Physiology, Polish Academy of Sciences, co-authors: K. Nazar, 
J. Smorawinski (20 min) 

Occupational stress in patients with chronic cardiovascular and metabolic disorders
K. Nazar M.D., Professor of Physiology, Polish Academy of Sciences, co-authors: H. Kaciuba-Uscilko,E. Wojcik-Ziolkowska, B. Kruk. (20 min)

Serological alterations due to sauna baths with and without Mg supplement.
W. Marktl M.D., Professor of Physiology, University of Vienna, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Biorhythms, Bad Tatzmannsdorf.
Co authors: W. Temmel, G. Pracher, S. Porta (20 min)

Stress Assessment at Wine and Rock Festivals, Role of Blood Gases and Electrolytes
K.H. Smolle, M.D., Head of I.C.U., 1st Department of Medicine, State Hospitel Graz
Sascha Doder, M.D. Head Physician, Angiologist (15 min)

Stress reactions in gerontology are dependent upon individual base values and Mg - dynamics
G.Pinter, M.D, Head Physician, Department Of Medical Gerontology, State Hospital Klagenfurt 
Co Authors: Palasser, H. Wieltschnig (15 min.)

General Discussion

10 00 – 10 30 Coffee Break
10 30 – 11 30 Combined Serological – Psychological Methods for SAILAG
(Coordination: H. Kaciuba - Uscilko) 

Quantitative correlations between alteration of serological stress factors and psychological test – scores.
W. Temmel, M.D., Institue of Applied Stress Research, Bad Radkersburg
Co authors: M. Weger, S. Porta (15 min)

Combined serological and psychological assessment of anxiety in bungee jumpers
G. Fleck, Ph.D., Head Psychologist of the Airforce Division of the Austrian Federal Army 
Co author: B. Hueber (20 min)

Combined serological and psychological assessment of anxiety in anxiety patients.
A. Kogler, Ph.D., Institute of Psychosomatics,Graz, Scientific Journalist (15 min)

11 30 – 13 00 Substitution 1 (Coordination: L.M. Castell)

Immunodepression and the role of some amino acids.
Linda M. Castell, Ph.D.,Cellular Nutrition Research Group Supervisor,
University Department of Biochemistry, Oxford 
Co author: N. Osei, E. A. Newsholme. (20 min)

Metabolic stress of terrestrial high altitude
M. Damian Bailey PhD, Hypoxia Research Unit, Health and Exercise Sciences Research Laboratory, University of Glamorgan, S.Wales, UK. (20 min)

Behaviour of Mg in patients during recreation from extensive liver surgery
H. Bacher, M.D. Professor of Surgery, 1st Surgical department, University of Graz, Medical School.(15 min)

Traditional and new aspects of the biochemistry of magnesium
H. Zollner, Professor of Biochemistry, Institute of Biochemistry, University of Graz (20 min)

12 30 – 14 00 Lunch break
14 00 – 16 00 Substitution 2 (Coordination: K. Nazar)

stress reactions in magnesium deficiency
Mildred S. Seelig, M.D, Master of American College of Nutrition, Prof. of Nutrition, Univ. of NCarolina (30 min)

Hypothesis regarding potential injury of the endothelium of the normal heart complicating prolonged space missions
William J. Rowe M.D. Em.Professor, (30 min)

The role of some amino acids in post operative fatigue and in chronic fatigue syndrome.
Linda M. Castell, Ph.D.,Cellular Nutrition Research Group Supervisor,
University Department of Biochemistry, Oxford.
Co authors: J. Phoenix, T. Yamamoto, J. McGuire, E.A. Newsholme (20 min)

Cold exposure and sleep deprivation – catecholamine- magnesium interaction
(Sepp Porta, Ph.D., Professor of Endocrinology, Head,Institute of Applied Stress Research, Bad Radkersburg, Institute of General and Experimental Pathology, University of Graz, AUSTRIA.) (15 min)

Poster Presentations (case studies):

1 Post Stress Provocation Test with an anorectic patient 
F. Boehmer, MD,Head of  Department, Sophienhospital, Vienna
Co author: S. Porta

2 Serological and psychological assessment of a sexual violator under forced psychotherapy.
A. Kogler, Ph.D., Institute of Psychosomatics, Scientific Journalist
Co Author: S. Porta

1600 – 1700 Coffee Break, 

During  coffee break some information about an intended common statement

Suggestions to all manufacturers of magnesium electrodes:

National consensus about high and low margins of ionized serum magnesium are less important, as long as multinational manufacturers do not agree about calculation quotients or modes of comparison between their products, whereby increased stress upon the diagnostical value of magnesium dynamics could be helpful. Such an agreement would immediately increase acceptance of the measurement of ionized magnesium; scientists and manufacturers would profit.

Any suggestions along those lines would be helpful. We plan to coordinate them and send them for publication in form of a communiqué at least to Magnesium Bulletin.

17 00 - 19 00 Swimming, walking, recreation, enjoying thermal wells a.s.o.
19 00  Congress Dinner. Adress by Guenther Dörflinger, Secretary of Health

during Dinner: Degustation of Local Champagne (formerly appointed by the Austrian Emperor), Degustation of world famous “Klöcher  Traminer” white wine

Saturday, November 27th, 1999

07 00 – 09 00 Breakfast
09 00 – 10 00 Resume of congress, consensus for the communiqué, signing of the communiqué (will be published in the December - issue of “Magnesium Bulletin“, concluding remarks)
10 00 – 12 00 End of congress with informal coffeeklatsch, selfmade local cakes and sweets.

In lieu of a congress motto:


Just recently, the “Kurhotel im Park”, where the meeting will be held, has been awarded a much sought after commendation for exceptional food by the French testers Gault – Millot.



download the program as a word 97 document: program.doc

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