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Biking and Nature

Last but not least or - nomen est omen (bike in German means ‘Rad’) - Bad Radkersburg is known as biking-town for anyone. The region is plastered with many biking routes.

The wine country around Bad Radkersburg is positively idyllic for cycle excursions of all kinds. 3000 km of cycle routes, on well-marked theme trails, lead through the meadows of the River Mur, in hilly wine areas and into neighbouring Slovenia. Bad Radkersburg is also the destination of the two most important cycle paths in Styria - the Mur Cycle Path and the Termal Spa Country Cycle Path. Meet the inhabitants and experience their special hospitality. Take your ease at a wine tavern and enjoy the peace and rediance of the enchanting surroundings.


BAd RAdkersburg



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