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Bad Radkersburg

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Culture and History

In 1978, the town was awarded with Europe’s gold medal for preservation of historical monuments. All year long, the visitors can experience a large variety of events at scenic places and in arcades with theatre, music and all kinds of art.

Town History

Lively settlement activity since the Neolithic Age, first mentioned in documents in 1182, and a town since 1299. An important fortification against the Hungarians and an important trade centre due to the location on trade routes on water and land. Economic blossoming through numerous privileges, such as the "Niederlagrecht" (traders obliged to offer wares after a three-day stay in the town) or the "rights to the pre-sale of wine". Due to increasingly stonger threat by the Osman armies, extension of the fortress took place in the 16th century through building masters from Upper Italy. Following the collapse of the monarchy, Bad Radkersburg lost over fifty per cent of the community area through the defining of borders. An economic upswing took place from the nineteen-seventies through the use of the mineral and thermal springs. Enjoy the offer at the Park Thermal Spa and the Cure Centre.


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